Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wow! Sorry about the soap box.

I can't believe I had nothing to show for at all last month even with national quilting day I was wondering why I was in such a slump. I'm not an expert on psychology but I think that with all that has been going on and on going in my life it was all playing catch up with me. As much as quilting and stitching were helpful I wanted to not pick it up only to find myself thinking about all the stuff that bothered me, my mother's health getting worse by the week, my husband being stationed in Kentucky, having to deal with ALL the house hold stuff. Quilting is supposed to be an escape from those things but that wasn't the case so putting it down for a while seems to have been the solution. I actually was able to get to some sewing yesterday and today and a little last week. I have been spending the last few months concentrating on anything that wasn't bringing me down. So hopefully I have turned a corner and will be posting fun projects that are being worked on and eventually completed. Hope all out there are doing fun things with fabric. Happy stitching!