Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ideas, ideas, ideas!

As I have said before I do love to surf all the quilting blog sites out there, I so love to see all the wonderful and inspiring quilts that so many quilters create. Some of my favorite ideas are the theme days, months and sometimes years. For example the days there are the sew in Friday nights, the Thoughtful Thursdays, Fabric Fridays, Sewing Madness Mondays, you get the idea. Then there are the month themes long, make a block everyday this month and have 30 blocks at the end (cool). Then there are the year long ideas, the BOM, the sew alongs, the mystery quilts. I happen to be doing the year of mug rugs, which was very by accident. Which reminds me I need to come up with another idea for May's mug rug. I'm leaning in the, something for the all to important Mother's Day theme. I will need to take pictures of the sew day that I did get last week and was able to get a few things done, I did go shop hopping with guild friends and made of course some fabric purchases, and one book. I am almost done with several quilts and small projects and those need pictures to show. I really need to just have a picture day of Show and Tell. I hope others are having success in their attempts to progress along all the UFO's and/or WIP's they have.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


I am so guilty, I admit to my shameful behavior. I have started more quilts! My UFO's/WIP's have grown in the last several months. I think it is due to the fact that I love to surf the wonderful quilting blogs out there and I see so many wonderful quilts with amazing colors and styles both simple and fun as well as complicated and artistic. I have purchased fabric just for such quilts. I have started at least one block and cut for as many blocks that I think the finished quilt should need to be a good size quilt. Some I have made more blocks just to make a couple of quilts bigger, I so want to make bigger quilts. The benefit to making bigger quilts is that I will keep my stash from getting too big, it is considerable at the moment. However, I have made progress with several quilts from my list of UFO's that I want to either finish or almost finish. I also have been trying to contribute to the needs of those who have been devastated by natures fury. As much as I have started I have yet to get started on the two color challenge quilt that is due in September, I do have the fabric and I'm pretty set on a pattern I just need to really get going. In my surfing I do encounter a few fellow quilters out there who also have a growing list of UFO's so I know that I am not alone. I need a few sewing dates and late night sew sessions to give myself time to make progress. Part of me wants to take myself to a hotel for a weekend of non-stop sewing with no interruptions from family needing dinner or clean clothes etc. etc. Maybe when the summer starts and I won't have to get up early for school and stuff like that I will be able to plan a couple of days to do just that. In the meantime if I don't get called to substitute tomorrow I will make an easy dinner in the crock pot do two loads of morning laundry and then just sit and stitch the day away. Happy stitching to me!!! 

Monday, April 11, 2011

Mug Rug Done!

I wanted this mug rug to be whimsical and childish almost. I also needed not to be fussy with it due to time issues. So I went to the scraps as usual and found a square piece of fabric 8" in size. Then I went to the crumbs scrap pile and found green pieces, I only trimmed a little bit.

 Then I found little pieces of blue, I think any color would look just great. I also found a piece of yellow for the center but orange would have been just as welcoming. (I can so see this as a sunflower.) I also did a little trimming.
 Then I found some pink scraps for a border. Then I took the pieces and with a piece of stablizer on the back began stitching first the stems and the leaves, then the petals and the center and lastly the borders. I cut a scrap of batting and a backing.

The final touch was to do stitching around the flower and just inside the border. Add a cute binding and I have a cute mug rug for spring. This would make a darling quilt as well, can't you just see a mess of whimsical flowers in all the colors? This may be a little on the big side but just the same I like this months mug rug. I think I'm onto a whole year of these babies, I started in February, lets just see if I can make it through the year.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Busy !!!

I have been just as busy as a bee. My hubby took just the two of us on a spring break from the girls. My sister is here so she kept them for us, took them to the beach and fun parks, so their break wasn't totally boring. Anyway, hubby and I went to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. I wasn't able to go on any of the quilt block trails that are all over the area, but I did visit a cute quilt shop, and totally had fun with out the girls.
I have so much to catch up on, make a spring mug rug, and post pics of the fabric purchases, wow! Busy !