Saturday, March 19, 2011

What did you do??? NATIONAL QUILTING DAY !

I decided that a jelly roll quilt would be fun even though I wouldn't be in a race. I don't happen to have any jelly rolls so I set about cutting from a very random selection of my stash 20 lights and 20 darks. I tried to think of the important pop colors like red, yellow, black and pink to keep it from being boring. I stitched them end to end and then started stitching the long sides together.

This is round two, still looks like a big pile of strips. The first two rounds are the longest.

This is round three, and it is starting to pick up speed. Keep in mind that this doubles each time (2, 4, 8, 16, 32). This is a really good starter quilt and very good a practicing the quarter inch seam.

Round three and almost done. This is a very fast quilt project and I had all kinds of interruptions from my family who just don't understand the impact of the day.

Last round, that's right four rounds is all it takes to get this top done. I went with putting one light and one dark when I started and I tried not to get to compulsive about which colors were next to each other. There was enough contrast between all the colors so even like colors didn't run together to badly.

This is the finish quilt top. Isn't that amazing? I could have made two if I really needed or wanted to but (family). I need to think of a border for this quilt????? It does look very scrappy, and I would love to see what a planned color scheme would look like. If I needed to come up with a quick gift this would do it. I also think this would make a great activity for a guild, or a fund raiser. I hope I wasn't the only one who had a great day and was able to enjoy the National Quilting Day their favorite way. Happy Stitching! 


National Quilting Day !

Get some pretty fabric either in yardage,

or a whole mess of fat quarters,

or a really gorgeous inspirational fabric, and CELEBRATE the day. Work on some simple blocks or go to a local museum or visit your favorite shop. For those of us who find inspiration in our gardens enjoy that as well (:D any way that brings you that joy of being a quilter. Hope everyone has a great time today!
I will try to get back later to show off something.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Something for me !

 I needed a new bag and so I went and found this inspirational color pallette. Which I cut into strips. Then sewed those strips together.

That lead me to then trim them up to make....

This adorable bag for myself. Which I made from instructions I got in a class I took. I don't think I can give out instructions because there is a copy right on the pattern.
I hope that most of the quilters out there are making plans to enjoy National Quilting Day this weekend.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Process Pledge????

I guess I can say I believe in the process pledge I'm truely not sure how to be official, anyhow. I am jumping into paper piecing due to the challenge for the two color quilt in our guild (did that sound right?). I will be trying with scraps and these are some of them.

Here is the very simple paper piecing pattern I will be trying first. Only three pieces of fabric to use, should be easy.
So far okay I get it and so far very easy.
I guess I square the block up with the rest.(?)
This is one way to put these four together I love the pinwheele pattern that is going on.
I truely love this choice the best. I will find some time to make more blocks so I can really see where this leads. I will try to use old phone book pages because I so don't like using good paper when I love trees and want to save as many as I can help to save.
I said I had made a March mug rug and here it is I should have shown the before and after. I agree with sharing more of the process that we take on our journey's of creating. I know I love seeing the process others take on when learning or developing a technique for whatever creation they come up with.