Monday, March 11, 2013

National Quilting Day weekend

I have been thinking a bunch about keeping this blog for now I just have way too much on my plate. My husbands job is going to have us move so I am busy with the house and trying to finish as many donation quilt tops as I can. Cleaning out the house and garage before we move YARD SALE in my future. Plus take on line classes which I am almost done. Anyhow it is tough to keep up with all that and this blog. I am not keeping up with the blog. I am not that kind of got it together person. Any how I will try to have a mini trunk/quilt show of all the tops I have done. Hope someone enjoys the pictures this Saturday. Happy Stitching!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

I have too much on my plate.

I did have quite the slump from any creative flow. I just really didn't feel like doing any sewing. I went into a journaling mode and that was a big help. I had to say good-bye to my mother Sept. 27th that was a tough blow journaling was a big help and believe it or not sewing did come back in October. I have been able to make/find time to do all day stitching. I have had a lot of study time as well. I have had to give much thought about whether maintaining a blog is really what I want. I still don't know, I do believe I would like to try one more time to really get into keeping this blog and if in the next crazy year I don't keep it up I will let it go. So in the next few weeks I will give myself a plan and try to stick to it. Keep it simple. Happy stitching! Hope everyone has had a fabulous holiday.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

I have been busy!

I promise I have made time to get to some stitching. I even have a charity quilt sandwiched just need to get my camera from the teenager so I can down load a picture.  Can't wait to plan a sewing day with the end of the school year it's crazy. I have a small garden in the back yard, I have now lost a total of 24 pounds I feel amazing. I will be on a quilters field trip tomorrow. The piecemakers goes to a quilt show the first weekend in June, every year now we get a bus and have a fabulous time all day. Pray for my sanity the girls will be on their own all day. Here's to a inspirational day.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


I have been a busy little bee, moving everything around and cleaning out and putting things away it is crazy so now I have a new sewing space that is bigger and better and downstairs. I will need to clean up a little bit from the mess I made however the major work is done.  I am so looking forward to finishing up tomorrow and having a whole day of stitching.
I have also been making progress however slow on many projects mostly hand stitching still that is bringing me much pleasure and that is what matters. I raided our guilds stash ( crazy but true ) and of course I took two bags full of scraps that weren't being put to use any how I have almost finished three tops for donation ! They are soo cute so I will post pictures on another date when they are done. Happy stitching!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wow! Sorry about the soap box.

I can't believe I had nothing to show for at all last month even with national quilting day I was wondering why I was in such a slump. I'm not an expert on psychology but I think that with all that has been going on and on going in my life it was all playing catch up with me. As much as quilting and stitching were helpful I wanted to not pick it up only to find myself thinking about all the stuff that bothered me, my mother's health getting worse by the week, my husband being stationed in Kentucky, having to deal with ALL the house hold stuff. Quilting is supposed to be an escape from those things but that wasn't the case so putting it down for a while seems to have been the solution. I actually was able to get to some sewing yesterday and today and a little last week. I have been spending the last few months concentrating on anything that wasn't bringing me down. So hopefully I have turned a corner and will be posting fun projects that are being worked on and eventually completed. Hope all out there are doing fun things with fabric. Happy stitching!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Still here.

I am still here and still in a slump I am also under the weather. Hopefully a visit to the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival will get those juices going. I did work on a few things last week made a good pile of crumbs to put together. Plus I did finish a quilt a while back the pineapple blossom is marked as done. In the meantime I hope everyone else is stitching away happily.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Help!!!! I'm in a creative slump!

I don't know what to do I don't feel like sewing, I think about it I have done so little I barely make a dent in anything. I realize that my hubby being stationed else where is frustrating but all of a sudden I can't get myself in the mood to sew. I know it would do me good, I think about doing something I even start and I just give up. I am reaching out to the community for suggestions. What do you do when you get like this?

Monday, January 30, 2012

Getting in Shape!

Well confession is good for the soul, so I will tell you I bought a scale a few weeks ago and I was very surprised at how much I had gained ! It is so time to get these pounds off and so far I have done very well but I have really let my sewing go. I am ready to get back on the band wagon because that is so what I love to do but now that I am in better shape I will be making an effort to stay that way so may I encourage anyone out there who needs to shed some pounds go for it you will be so glad you did. ( so far I have lost 10 pounds hurray!)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Busy way to busy.

You all know how life works with everyone and everything, it gets hectic. So anyway, here are a few WIP's that I have started. Plus I did stick to my goal of working everyday on a project by almost finishing the sampler quilt I started on my anniversary blog. So kudos's to me. Happy stitching!
this  is a string pillow I got from a magazine
almost done (lol ???)

this is a string quilt with only 11 squares
just not enough to make a good size quilt

another string quilt with 12 blocks but
still really small

this is a cute quilt I started way back when
and it is really small but still cute

this is a quilt I started only a few years
ago from a class I took its a Christmas
stained glass type idea I even have enough
to make either another quilt or one really
big quilt hummm what to do

Monday, January 2, 2012


Happy New Year to all the creative people out there! Sorry I am a day late. I will be looking back over the 2011 stitching year and taking a look at what I have actually finished as well as perhaps what I have started as well then I have a hopefully better way of motivating myself into finishing those WIP's.

mug rug
March mug rug

bag for me

April mug rug

gift quilt to cancer patient

small wall quilt

doll quilt

quilt for hubby

3 months of mug rugs

crumb welcome wall quilt

August mug rug

October mug rug

November mug rug

gift mug rugs

kitty quilt

dresen plate
December mug rug
I didn't show all the mug rugs I am not sure I am proud of the quilts I finished this year I have way too many small quilts and not very many large quilts, I will show pictures of the WIP's I started and post them tomorrow. Happy stitching!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Closer and closer.....

76 posts and counting
I am not counting all the posts I made on my first year anniversary date because I made so many on that one day,
any how I need to start thinking of a way to celebrate the 1ooth post....????? I will do some serious thinking so if anyone sees the steam don't worry I am not on fire     Happy stitching to all!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Happy holiday stitching!

I want to start so many wonderful quilts its absurd, but I have way too many started WIP that I'm working on my resolution for the new year. I have put in, two medium sized ( very over flowing ) baskets all the projects that are either in block form or have a few blocks to add or finish, next to my machine. There is also a basket of needing to be quilting or bound or sandwiched ( you get the idea) of WIP. I haven't counted but it could be much worse. My goal is not quite set yet. I have finished quite a few this year, so it is possible to finish quite a few of these started quilts. My problem is that one or two are in the small range, and as I do want to dig into my stash and start making larger quilts that will actually fit a bed, those projects will be needing blocks added to them. I am trying to set up time everyday and every week to devote to this goal. Many happy stitching days in the next year, as well as many posts on my blog to track my progress. Happy stitching to me!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Mug rug for December!

I did what I said I would do and made this one last month that way I wouldn't be crunched for time to get it done with all the other stuff I want/need to work on. I hopefully will have another sew day next week and have another finish for a friend done (so happy to get more done). Happy stitching!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

I did it!!!

I went to my over load of strings and started matching up and sewing like crazy last night and a little this morning. Did a little trimming, took two layers of the batting she was on yesterday, sandwiched with a flannel backing for extra warmth, did a quick yarn tieing for the quilting, then a quick binding of fold over the backing and done!

She actually approves HURRAY! Merry Christmas to Zelda with her new cozy quilt, just the right size for an old cat. Happy stitching!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


We all love our furry critter friends. Well I finally caught mine on batting left on the floor while I was using the long dining table to quilt a quilt. Any how this is my calico cat ( so appropriate for a quilter) Zelda, isn't she pretty ( all cats are ). I guess I need to make her a small quilt she seems to really like them think I can make one before the new year????  Happy stitching!