Friday, December 9, 2011

Happy holiday stitching!

I want to start so many wonderful quilts its absurd, but I have way too many started WIP that I'm working on my resolution for the new year. I have put in, two medium sized ( very over flowing ) baskets all the projects that are either in block form or have a few blocks to add or finish, next to my machine. There is also a basket of needing to be quilting or bound or sandwiched ( you get the idea) of WIP. I haven't counted but it could be much worse. My goal is not quite set yet. I have finished quite a few this year, so it is possible to finish quite a few of these started quilts. My problem is that one or two are in the small range, and as I do want to dig into my stash and start making larger quilts that will actually fit a bed, those projects will be needing blocks added to them. I am trying to set up time everyday and every week to devote to this goal. Many happy stitching days in the next year, as well as many posts on my blog to track my progress. Happy stitching to me!

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