Monday, January 2, 2012


Happy New Year to all the creative people out there! Sorry I am a day late. I will be looking back over the 2011 stitching year and taking a look at what I have actually finished as well as perhaps what I have started as well then I have a hopefully better way of motivating myself into finishing those WIP's.

mug rug
March mug rug

bag for me

April mug rug

gift quilt to cancer patient

small wall quilt

doll quilt

quilt for hubby

3 months of mug rugs

crumb welcome wall quilt

August mug rug

October mug rug

November mug rug

gift mug rugs

kitty quilt

dresen plate
December mug rug
I didn't show all the mug rugs I am not sure I am proud of the quilts I finished this year I have way too many small quilts and not very many large quilts, I will show pictures of the WIP's I started and post them tomorrow. Happy stitching!

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