Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Busy way to busy.

You all know how life works with everyone and everything, it gets hectic. So anyway, here are a few WIP's that I have started. Plus I did stick to my goal of working everyday on a project by almost finishing the sampler quilt I started on my anniversary blog. So kudos's to me. Happy stitching!
this  is a string pillow I got from a magazine
almost done (lol ???)

this is a string quilt with only 11 squares
just not enough to make a good size quilt

another string quilt with 12 blocks but
still really small

this is a cute quilt I started way back when
and it is really small but still cute

this is a quilt I started only a few years
ago from a class I took its a Christmas
stained glass type idea I even have enough
to make either another quilt or one really
big quilt hummm what to do

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  1. Yep....I know how it goes, good luck with your projects!